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Kristoffer Haugland

Suspension Test Jig

Join our suspension engineer Kristoffer Haugland as he gives you a look at his powerful test jig!
One of his many tasks is checking if the simulations have given him the same results as the physical calculations! Therefore, he decided to build a test jig that can double check the virtual results!

Fabian, Jonathan and Adrian

Accumulator & AMS

Fabian, Jonathan and Adrian from Team 2018 give us a brief introduction to their systems.

Marcus Engebretsen and Lars Gustavsen


Would you like to know more about our Driverless project? Watch our second Tech Corner! Marcus Engebretsen and Lars Gustavsen talk about what SLAM is and the methods we will be using to make Eld autonomous in the near future.

Fredrik Cappelen

Rim Design

Have a look at our very first Tech Corner on rim design! Team member Fredrik Cappelen talks about the recent testing and why high quality rims are so important.

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