the competition

Formula Student

We compete in the world's largest competition for engineering students: Formula Student.

After testing our racecar all summer, we travel to countries such as Germany, Hungary, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands to compete against the world's top teams.

The Objective

The competition challenges us to not only create the best-performing racecar but also to justify our design choices and showcase our knowledge of production, cost & manufacturing, as well as business and management.

The Disciplines

The competition is split into Dynamic and Static Events, where we attend in both manual (EV) and autonomous driving (DV).

Dynamic Events

Acceleration (EV, DV)
Driving 75 m straight the quickest
Skidpad (EV, DV)
The quickest figure-eight drive
Autocross (EV, DV)
Fastest laptime
Endurance (EV)
22 km drive, with driver change after 11 km
Trackdrive (DV)
The quickest drive of 10 laps

Static Events

Engineering Design
Explain design choices
Cost & Manufacturing
Explain the cost of producing our racecar
Business Plan
Knowledge of business plans, sales, marketing

Experience the competition through our vlogs