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As the Cooling Engineer of Revolve NTNU, you will be responsible for the design and production of various cooling systems on the car, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Amongst your responsibility is designing cooling solutions for components such as the motors and inverter. You will work closely with other team members, gaining hands-on experience in engineering, thermal management, and fabrication techniques.
focus areas and tasks
  1. Cooling System Design and Thermal Analysis: Utilize engineering principles, simulation tools like COMSOL or STAR CCM, and an understanding of fluid dynamics to design and optimize efficient cooling systems for various race car components. Perform thermal analysis and simulations to guarantee that these systems maintain desired temperature ranges during operation, preventing overheating and optimizing overall performance.
  2. Material Selection: Select appropriate materials for cooling system components to withstand thermal stresses and environmental conditions while considering weight and cost factors.
  3. Prototyping and Testing: Create prototypes of cooling system designs for validation through physical testing. Gather data and feedback to improve and refine the designs.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Continuously seek opportunities to optimize cooling system performance and explore innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Other Requirements

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Problem-solving skills and a proactive approach to challenges.

Previous and Possible Concepts

Alloy 3D printing of self developed radiators: Design, simulate and validate a design of a radiator designed specifically for a formula student car's needs.

Motor and gearbox cooling integrated into the upright: Design, test and validate a topology optimized cooling cover for the 35kW electrical motors. Using mechanical and thermodynamics principles such as FEM, fluid dynamics and more. Get hands on experience with the design, simulations and validation of cooling solutions with tools such as COMSOL and STAR CCM.

EK Cooling Solutions case study: In 2022 we developed and produced a cooling block for our autonomous processing unit together with EK cooling solutions. Creating a Custom CPU Water Block for an Autonomous Racecar

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applications are reviewed continuously
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