master & bachelor
Wireless Sensors in a Formula Student Racecar
MSc Electronic System Design & Innovation
Designing Milled Aluminum Uprights
MSc Mechanical Engineering
Validation of Force Propagation Through Composite Suspension Members on a Formula Student Race Car
MSc Mechanical Engineering
A Performance Comparison of Control Strategies for a Semi-Active Suspension
MSc Cybernetics & Robotics
PWM Switching Schemes for Automotive SiC MOSFET Inverter
MSc Cybernetics & Robotics
Designing an In-House Steering System for our Driverless Vehicle
BSc Electrical Engineering
Designing a New Control System for Our Driverless Vehicle
MSc Cybernetics & Robotics, Autonomous Systems
Lap Time Simulation
Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle Control Unit
Embedded Electronics
Vehicle Dynamics
MSc Engineering and ICT, Product Development and Materials
Trajectory Following
MSc Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Cybernetics, Autonomous Systems
Localization & Mapping for Our Driverless Vehicle
MSc Cybernetics & Robotics, Embedded Systems
Brake System Design – Developing Our Own Brake Calipers by Topology Optimizatoin
MSc Mechanical Engineering, Product Development & Materials Engineering