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The super car - both manual and autonomous driving

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We create the engineers of the future

In the spring of 2010, four students sat down to discuss the possibility of an exciting project to complement their engineering studies.

Their goal was to get more practical engineering related to their studies. After hours of research they discovered Formula Student, the perfect arena for putting their engineering knowledge to the test through building a formula race car.

What we do

In a year our team completes a full product development process in order to produce a capable race car to compete in one of the largest engineering competitions for students in the world, Formula Student.



We set ambitious goals and work with challenging projects. We dare to fail, but work relentlessly to succeed. We work together and push ourselves to perform at the best level possible.


We develop innovative systems and dare to go against general assumptions. We encourage cool, visually appealing designs and extraordinary systems and thrive to take all parts of the organization to the next level.


We are dedicated to reach our goals and do whatever necessary to finish what we start. We put in the hours and always put the need of the many ahead of the need of the few.

Some of our achievements

REVOLVE NTNU 2nd overall

Revolve NTNU's EV car has placed second in both FSG 2018 and FSA 2019, with ATMOS and NOVA. In addition, ELD Driverless got the 2nd place overall at FSEast in 2018, our first Driverless competition!

REVOLVE NTNU ranked 10th

After the 2019 season, Revolve NTNU is currently ranked 10th worldwide, in the official FSWorld rankings!

FSG sportmanship award

Revolve NTNUs first driverless team won the FSG sportmanship award in 2018!


An unforgettable experience!

Each year we search for students from all disciplines at NTNU to join our team. We are looking for students who want to develop themselves as engineers and as people. We have no demands for prior experience, and our main criteria for admission is motivation and hunger for knowledge. If you love problem-solving and would like to get a true insight in to the world of engineering you are just the one we are looking for.



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Words from our sponsors

Excellent presentation with a message that inspires and motivates. Revolve NTNU is both reliable and professional

Stian Bruaset, CEO Eventgarden

Jobber 40 timer i uken ved siden av studiene: – Når ellers i livet får man bygge en racerbil?


I Revolve NTNU jobber 64 studenter på høygir for å bli klare til sommerens store race!