Revolve NTNU top 2. Twice.

Revolve NTNU ranked second overall at Formula Student Germany 2018 with our newest electrical vehicle ATMOS.  

Our first driverless car, Eld, came 2nd at Formula Student East and 7th at Formula Student Germany and won the FSG sportsmanship award.

Theory in Practice

Each year a new team of students take on the challenge to develop, design, build and race a formula race car. In the process we utilize all our knowledge acquired at the university in addition to develop a vast variety of skills. Read more about how our members make the transition from students to engineers through a year in our magazine!

Revolve NTNU at trollstigen

This is us. In harmony with Norwegian nature. We design, develop and build a new race car every year, from scratch. Our latest creation, Gnist, was able to 0-100 km/h in 2.2 seconds and it is Scandinavia’s first ever 4WD electric car.