The Beginning of Team 2023

The leaves have gone from green to orange, the wind has picked up and the rain pitter patters here in Trondheim. Autumn is settling in, and judging by the colder temperatures, it’s not long until winter comes. Inside our office building, the heat created by our many computers and laptops are keeping us warm. Here, you’ll hear rapid keyboard typing, frequent mouse clicks, and many frustrated sighs when their software crashes. You’ll find people playing table tennis with the most intense competitive looks in their eyes, as well as people enjoying their first, second and third meal of the day by the dining table. You’ll see people helping each other, working together, and maybe most importantly: laugh and have fun. You can truly feel the team spirit!

Let’s wind back to the beginning of Team 2023.

We officially started in September and went through an intense two-week Bootcamp. Here, we dedicated as much time as possible to getting to know the project and Formula Student competition, the various groups and their systems, as well as the people. The learning curve is incredibly steep during this period, but the motivation and determination in each member is unmatched.

In addition to spending time at the office and workshop to learn, we also dedicated time to socialize and make everyone feel like a part of the team. The first weekend of the Bootcamp, we went on a cabin trip. Some might even call it a healing trip! Without reception, we could fully relax and set the stress and hustle and bustle of our everyday lives aside. The days were filled with canoeing, kayaking, hikes and toasting marshmallows over bonfires, as well as cozy evenings with board and card games.

After Bootcamp, the team enters the Concept Phase. Here, everyone dives deep into their systems to get an understanding of what has been done before in order to make an informed decision on what to do for this year. We read past papers, explore documentation and talk to previous members/members who have been a part of the team for several years (alumni). At the end of this phase, everyone presents their proposed system concepts at Concept Review – a full weekend event for this year’s team and our alumni where everyone gets feedback on their concept. We are incredibly thankful for having many active alumni with us both in Trondheim and outside the city who are still deeply passionate about Revolve NTNU. Their knowledge, feedback and help not just during this time but throughout the year is essential for the evolution of the organization.

Now comes the Design phase. From mid October till the end of November, we take the feedback from Concept into account and keep improving our system designs. Day in and day out, we work together to design the best racecar possible. We review each other’s PCB schematics, we double check and triple check elements in CAD, we get to know codebases and so much more. At the end of October, we present our final designs at Design Review, and then, the real work starts.

This semester has been busy for our Marketing department as well. We went out to Trondheim Torg and had a full day of showcasing our driving simulator – our 2016 car GNIST. As we carried our racecar across the town square, people stopped and stared. Throughout the day, people of all ages came by to test their driving skills and get to know us better.

Additionally, we took our 2022 car AURORA out to town for a photoshoot! We went to Nidarosdomen, the old town bridge and the pier. Despite the typical autumnal Trondheim weather with its rain and gusts of wind, we successfully shot beautiful photos of our car and drivers.

Just a week later, we went to Oslo Motorshow with our 2019 car NOVA and 2022 car AURORA. Thank you for having us!

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