Semcon Norge & Revolve NTNU – Turning Ideas Into Reality

With a dedicated focus on innovation, Semcon’s office in Kongsberg is known for its creative culture and exciting, innovative technical solutions, always with the end user in focus. Semcon is an international product development company with more than 2000 employees in 7 different countries. Semcon Norge has been an important part of the Revolve NTNU project for many years and continues to amaze us with their quality and expertise. Learn more about what makes Semcon and Revolve NTNU a perfect match!

Semcon’s product development expertise enables them to turn ideas into reality. They strive to always be the best in innovation, with a focus on new products, systems, and services. They believe that in the future, the physical and digital worlds will be more and more intertwined, which is why it is important to be the best at navigating between them. Semcon delivers both physical and digital solutions, and much like Revolve NTNU, they have a multi-disciplinary team working together to create high-quality products.

Semcon’s office in Norway is located in Kongsberg, with about 85 employees. They work with the development of complex systems and solutions within a wide range of industries. Their projects vary from electrically adjustable ski bindings for Rottefella, new technology for cancer treatment, to an advanced remotely operated robotic vehicle for more sustainable shipping. They deliver complete systems, with the ability to start from an idea and go all the way to a finished product. Most of their projects are executed in-house, with a multi-disciplinary team mainly within the fields of mechanical, software and electrical engineering, which contributes to their creative and open culture.

Their prototype workshop, which is a central piece of their iterative development process, has delivered high-quality components to Revolve NTNU for many years. A few of the deliveries have also been manufactured on very short notice on request from the project, which reflects their agile approach to the projects they run.

Among the many parts Semcon has manufactured for Revolve NTNU, includes our topology-optimized uprights, as well as our electric motors. Thanks to Semcon’s state-of-the-art workshop, as well as their experienced personnel, they never fail to deliver the best quality parts.

Their main mission is to turn technology into excellent user experiences.

“We put people first. As far as we are concerned, technology has no purpose of its own – it’s the value it adds to people and our planet that is most important. By combining the physical and digital we can create user-friendly solutions based on human needs and behavior”

This year, Semcon has made the uprights for Lyra. This year’s uprights are some of the most advanced components on the racecar, and function as the main structural component of the suspension system. It houses the motor, gearbox and wheel package, and it also connects to the suspension arms that connect the wheels to the monocoque. Revolve NTNU would like to thank Semcon for their continuous support in making high-quality parts for our racecar!

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