RevolveDay 2024

Once again, we have gathered our collaboration partners up to Trondheim. This time for RevolveDay, a career fair where our partners get a day with the students at the NTNU campus. Here is a recap of how it went.

What is RevolveDay?

Each year, we host our carrier fair for our partners. Without them, we would not have a car to drive. Therefore, we love to help them get to see the students here at NTNU Trondheim via our carrier fair, RevolveDay. Traditionally, this has been a day where we, at EL-bygget at Gløshaugen campus, gather our partners and all of Revolve NTNUs members, and last but not least, our previous race cars. 

The career fair stands for positive company valuation and gives the students an opportunity to meet different companies. The day is traditionally built up by several moments meant to benefit our partners and students. Some of these moments are speed interviews with the companies attending, here you can get a summer internship or a permanent position. Another moment is participating in company presentations, where one can get to know the companies better. During RevolveDay, visitors can also try our formula simulator, Gnist, our car from 2016. 

The buildup to February 13th

For Revolve NTNU, RevolveDay has a long tradition of being hosted, and this year is no exception. To ensure we are constantly evolving and improving, we sat the goal of increasing the quality of this year’s RevolveDay. By doing so, we would make a better experience for our partners and raise the standard for further years to come. We do not only build race cars, we also develop partnerships and experiences.

One thing different this year, is that we decided to make a race car reunion, lastly done in 2022. Here, we gather as many of our previous race cars as possible to take some awesome pictures of the cars back together! This also brings the perfect opportunity to see the evolution of our race cars, both in form and shape, weight, and educate people about system evolutions, such as inverter development!


For Revolve NTNUs members, the RevolveDay starts the day and night beforehand. Tasks are delegated and every member is present in preparing for the RevolveDay festivities. One of our most exciting features was taping the floors to a Formula 1 racetrack the night before. How fun to have a racetrack going through the building when our own formula student race cars are present.

RevolveDay itself had a fantastic start, where we handed out gift bags to the students, which we did three times throughout the day. 

This year, we increased the number of participating partners, with 29 attending! 

Overall, the day was filled with joy and festivities where our partners attending and the students present were left with lots of good conversations. During the day, many students attended speed interviews with our partners, which was a big success! Many students also participated in the company presentations, where nine companies held exciting and inspiring presentations. 

When the clock turned 14.30, RevolveDay had ended and it was time to pack up. As RevolveDay brings many of our sponsors to Trondheim, we got the opportunity to show them our workshop, where they saw the products they take part in. After the workshop tour, Revolve NTNU invited our sponsors to a lovely dinner to celebrate the completion of RevolveDay!

We enjoyed hosting the RevolveDay and hope to see everyone there again next year!

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