As many faiths foretold, Judgement Day finally came for Trondheim’s fiercest group of automotive competitors. As one would likely wager, there are several magnitudinous events throughout Revolve NTNU’s dotted annual schedule. These are frequently internal affairs, like our computer-aided design (CAD) checks and schematic reviews, belonging to respectively the mechanical and electrical departments. In the same vein, our numerous phases of production are meticulous while also firmly deadlined to ensure our project’s preparedness for the rigorous testing season. Given Revolve NTNU’s well-documented itinerary, one could be forgiven for questioning why something as comparatively demotic as a simple career fair would garner such intense effort and diligence from a group of well-greased engineers.

To understand RevolveDay’s significance and the stir it evokes from our team, entails understanding Revolve NTNU on a more practical level. There are several components adding up throughout a project year to shape Revolve NTNU into a consistent and respected player in a heavily saturated, international game. Since our team’s contracts are annual, there’s a demand for facilitational stabilizers that ensure each year’s team is as driven to perform among the best in the world as the last. Among these, major credit belongs with our alumni. The cooperation between each project year’s members and the veterans of the organization is necessarily tight and open. A finished tenure in Revolve NTNU carries responsibility, as your acquired experience and knowledge is invaluable to the likely green student about to assume your office. Hence why our fall semester is landmarked by our Concept and Design Reviews, presentational affairs where each group unveils their plans, goals and strategies for the coming project year. Our alumni serve as advisory units, providing direction to the bright new ideas that yearly contracts expedite.

However, despite their frequent best efforts, our alumni are ultimately no longer part of the organization and have their own priorities. The pressure to achieve is on the students in the arena whom, in our most intensive periods, spend long hours of our week building a machine that pushes even further past the limits already broken. Combining nearly a dozen professions into a single product is as rigorous as one would imagine, requiring firm organizational structure and clear communication. All of it occupying the available pockets in the already flush timetables required by the diverse degrees housed in Norway’s most technologically ambitious university.

I digress. Revolve NTNU’s project bears its fruit through an ambitious and laborious process intended to wave its banner among the world’s finest, and we would not exist if not for the generous support we receive from our backers. You could not point to a single piece on any of our cars from our decennial fleet that wasn’t welded, bolted and mounted in place through the means given to us. What would be an impossible project is made reality through the capital, tools, workwear, components, competence and services provided by those motivated to help us achieve.

As a student organization, our own means are humble, and RevolveDay is the greatest return we offer. Time will likely keep reminding us that there’s no demography more forward-thinking and liable to solving the problems of tomorrow than the educated youth, organized in universities. If there is a “tomorrow” for the technological companies looking to entrench themselves in a perennially competitive market, the current academia will doubtlessly be part of it. RevolveDay is therefore more than a simple gathering. For the attending, it is an opportunity to establish themselves as attractors in the most essential market of all. Our gratitude manifests itself in our extensive efforts to make RevolveDay worth the while of every visiting benefactor.

It is easy to mistake Formula Student for a race, given the association of the word “formula” with the explosive promotional material and star power of Formula One. Likewise, Revolve NTNU can be misidentified as the “guys that build a car.” Revolve NTNU’s real product is competence, and Formula Student is the arena in which we’re given a platform to showcase it. Revolve NTNU builds careers, providing firm footholds for career aspirations in a bazaar that grows increasingly saturated. Every employment signed by future Revolvers through their term can trace its roots to the essential pieces that make the organization, and there are few equal to the sponsors that dedicate their means towards seeing our vision to the finish line.      

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