Revolutionizing the Industry: Bertel O. Steen's Drive for Software Innovation

Bertel O. Steen is one of the largest car dealers in Norway, offering a broad spectrum of car brands, ranging from high-end models to brands suitable for an active lifestyle or everyday life. Their adventure started in 1901 and has evolved into a multi-field business. Over a hundred years of dedication and hard work have resulted in an outstanding adaptability in a rapid-paced environment. As the world is moving towards a greener industry, Bertel O. Steen has pioneered with a 63.8% share of their sales being electric cars. The company is also leading the field of digital solutions in the car industry. These advancements are not just reshaping the business model of Bertel O. Steen, but are also setting new standards in customer experience and operational efficiency.

Revolve NTNU’s partnership with Bertel O. Steen is a cornerstone in the logistics of making a racecar. Their long partnership with us is highly rewarding, as their contribution makes the project feasible year after year. Our car, Bertel, is invaluable when transporting parts to production at other locations. Additionally, Bertel O. Steen plays a crucial role in the team's success during the summer as they travel to competitions across Europe.

As mentioned previously, the company extends its operations well beyond mere car sales. Although Bertel O. Steen is a well-renowned car distributor, they offer a broad spectrum within the arena of sales and services. Their expertise reaches far beyond cars, as they are also an innovator in cross-cutting software solutions.

One of their goals for software development is to be as prepared as possible for an ever-developing service market. As the available cars today are getting better, the intervals between services are getting longer. This puts a higher demand on administrative resources as there is a need to have more cars through a service every day for the business to stay in profit. With these challenges in mind, the software developers at Bertel O. Steen have designed and developed DARS - Digital Aftersales Retail Solution. DARS does not only enable automated processes, but it also creates a fully digital journey for their customers and employees.

The control tower is also a new product they launched in March of 2024. With this product they can visualize the supply chain for their cars, from the development with the manufacturer to delivery at the store. Through an end-to-end visibility of the different parts of the supply chain, it will be possible to control and improve the cash flow and the working capital.

Bertel O. Steen has been a key partner of ours since 2017, and is a pioneer in the cross-field of software development and car sales. By sharing our passion for software development, they hold a special place within our team.

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