RecMan and Revolve NTNU – Future-oriented Developers

One of Revolve NTNU’s core values is innovation, which is firmly rooted in the nature of Formula Student competitions. Innovation and success go hand in hand, so to stay at the top of the pack, we must keep innovating new solutions that cover our racecar’s needs and bring us closer to our goals. We carry that forward way of thinking over to both our systems and organizational aspects. In a world where software solutions are becoming more critical, we take advantage of evolving technology to design solutions that meet our needs. This aligns perfectly with the priorities of one of our largest sponsors, RecMan.

At RecMan, they are the devoted experts and the preferred IT solution for thousands of companies within the fields of professional services, staffing and recruitment. In addition to that, their state-of-the-art CRM and ATS solutions, also help streamline internal administrative processes for a wide range of companies. The complete RecMan platform is divided into the following five subsets, each tailored to let you get the most out of your team’s potential: Consulting, Recruitment, Staffing,ATS and CRM.

For the company delivering professional services, the RecMan Consultant Suite revolutionizes managing projects and client interactions. It provides all the functionality your consultants need to stay on top of their assigned projects. With a complete CRM, workforce management, advanced functionality for time-registration, a unique portal for the client to monitor progress, invoicing, and much more - RecMan is the preferred choice for any business that delivers their expertise as a service.

For the professional recruiter, the RecMan Recruiter Suite delivers new highs to the recruitment process and creates top-tier candidate experiences. It serves as a complete business toolkit for professional agencies, recruiters and executive search companies. The all-inclusive CRM software, along with SMS, calendar, invoicing, sales, email integration, calendar synchronization, CV parsing, customer modules and other features, will increase your team efficiencies (and make your life easier!).

The RecMan Staffing Suite provides an all-in-one solution tailored specifically for staffing agencies. The software utilizes the wide-ranging CRM, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for staffing solutions, recruiting solutions, and services. It’s no surprise that RecMan has been the number one choice for staffing agencies inNorway for half a decade!

When it comes to their RecMan ATS Suite, RecMan leaves their European competitors in the dust – much like our racecar! The platform is professional, user-friendly and can easily be integrated into a company’s existing system. In addition to full GDPR compliance, it easily meets all HR needs. As a result, the HR department can focus on actually doing their work instead of getting lost in complicated software solutions.

The RecMan CRM helps you maximize your customer interactions and streamline your pipeline like never before. With its wide range of functionality such as lead generation, invoicing, portfolio monitoring, electronic signing of documents, integrations with mail and calendar and much more, it caters to all businesses looking for a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in customer relationship management.

RecMan software is completely cloud-based, allowing its users to access the app on any device with a browser, at any time. With an impressive run time of 100% the last five years, you can be assured of its reliability.

Much like RecMan, Revolve NTNU develops forward-thinking software solutions. While the former provides a wide array of products to meet specific market needs, we develop products catering to the needs of our racecar team. For racecar teams, the feedback from the driver and direct data from the racecar’s sensors are essential to successful solution development. The sensor data is monitored and diagnosed, and then used to configure the car from production to competition. The requirements are highly specific to our use, and no commercial solution would be sufficient.

Each of our team’s technical departments has varying needs in how they utilize the racecar data, and they store and process the data differently. With the rapid development of modern software and increasingly complex systems on our racecar, our 2017-developed software solution, Analyze, is at the twilight of its proud tenure. Our team has found a need for a more reliable solution. As a result, our Data Engineering group has started developing a descendant of Analyze, which will be divided into a separate telemetry platform (NTS) and data analysis platform (SKN). These new solutions will provide a real-time overview of data generation and usage, a standard for data protection and recovery, native software interoperability, an easy way of locating and extracting specific information, and raise the potential for data valorization. RecMan’s reliable systems inspire us every day to push ourselves to make our software solutions as stable as possible.

Together with RecMan, Revolve NTNU believes the future is data-oriented, and how you take advantage of the new possibilities will be the deciding factor in becoming successful, no matter what business you’re in. Our aligned approach to this future, characterized by innovation, ambition and dedication to pushing technological advancements, is what makes RecMan and Revolve NTNU such great partners.

The businesses of tomorrow will depend on data acquisition, analysis and insight, and one-size-fits-all commercial solutions will not always be sufficient. The ideal solutions will be tailored to a business’s needs, and both RecMan and Revolve NTNU keep this in mind at all times. RecMan provides a broad toolset, but the ability to tailor each dashboard and system to a user’s specific needs truly sets them apart from the competition. Our software solutions are wide-ranging but just as tailored to each user as RecMan’s solutions. Additionally, we both focus on providing reliable systems that are accessible, protected and fast.

We are grateful for having such a leading-edge partner on our team. Together, we are racing forward into a future where data and analytics reign and the reliability and safety of systems will make or break a business. With RecMan’s achievements to inspire and guide us, we are looking forward to the future of software solutions.

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