Radionor Communications & Revolve NTNU – Unmatched

When it comes to telemetry, Revolve NTNU stands unmatched. However our achievements would have been unattainable without the generous backing from Radionor Communications, who shared their expert knowledge and top-grade equipment. They have provided enriching career avenues by welcoming former Revolve NTNU members into their ranks.

Radionor Communications, based in Trondheim, is a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge tactical broadband data links utilizing phased array antennas. This technology offers unparalleled range and stability, making it perfect for high-mobility applications. Whether it's manned or unmanned aircraft, marine vessels, vehicles, or man-carried equipment, the technology has proven to be uniquely effective for tactical operations. With an impressive clientele, including several NATO countries, Radionor's products have showcased unprecedented technological abilities on a global stage.

Revolve NTNU counts Radionor as a key and long-term sponsor. By lending the project Cordis Radio Eye phased array radios to our project and sharing vital expertise along with useful operational insights, Revolve NTNU outpaces its competitors with our cutting edge telemetry solution.

Our Formula Student race cars are equipped with a CRE2-144-LW, transmitting all critical car data, such as motor temperature, to a CRE2-179 base station. This ensures we remain within safe operational parameters, preventing major issues such as motor overheating. Additional data, such as speed and brake pedal position, helps to analyze driver performance, potentially leading to greater speeds and providing Revolve NTNU with a competitive edge. The enormous amounts of data gathered from the car's numerous sensors —typically exceeding 100 gigabytes— would overwhelm alternative communication channels like Wi-Fi, making them unsuitable for the required range and ease of setup.

The radio link operates on an IP-based system. And with the help of our in-house developed analysis tool, Analyze, we are able to facilitate real-time data visualization for multiple team members at trackside during operation. Following test drives, Revolve NTNU's technical members utilize this data to enhance system performance and reliability.

Radionor's strong standing, vibrant innovation-oriented environment, and state-of-the-art technology have caught the attention of many of Revolve NTNUs previous members, who now enjoy rewarding careers at Radionor. The chance to be part of a dynamic team and work on one's passion for electronics and communication technology fosters exciting career growth opportunities.

Having a reliable range, capacity, and data loss prevention while driving gives Revolve NTNU a substantial competitive advantage. Trusting in our equipment brings immense relief, enhances efficiency, and minimizes risks significantly. The Revolve team is grateful and eagerly anticipates a continued partnership with Radionor.

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