Ovun and Revolve NTNU - Innovating Advantageous Aerodynamics

The aerodynamic elements on the car are one of the key contributors in taking our cars to pole positions. Since our second car, KA AQUILO R in 2013, we have created full aerodynamic packages, including front, rear, and side elements. Together, they increase the car’s downforce,

Our first car with aerodynamic elements, KA AQUILO R (2013).

Since day one of our aerodynamic adventure, Ovun has been a critical partner in bringing our digital designs to life. From their workshop in Moelv, Norway, they have expertly machined moulds for the aerodynamic elements, as well as provided various core materials also needed in the production of the elements.

The result: high quality products meant to last. This year’s car, HERA, blazes through the race tracks thanks to her aerodynamics. Such performance would not have been possible without our long-standing and close partnership with Ovun, who shares our devotion to being solution-oriented and innovative.

Our latest car, HERA (2024).

The designs of our aerodynamic elements have come a long way since taking our baby steps in 2013. Countless hours have been spent designing, simulating, testing, and validating. Whilst testing in Trondheim, HERA has proven herself to be fit to fight, but the real challenge is right around the corner, starting at Formula Student Netherlands.

We are excited to see how HERA will perform internationally, amongst some of the world’s top universities, and are looking forward to pushing our aerodynamics even further in the years to come, together with Ovun!

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