November Recap

Another month has passed by at a rapid pace, and November has been filled with lots of activities. The days are getting colder, and the sun disappears earlier as the darkness creeps up.

We started off with our Design Review – a follow-up on October’s Concept Review. At this weekend-event, we invited alumni to come hear about our revised concepts and provide feedback. With a strong focus on making sure each system concept contributes to reaching its specific system goals that also contribute to reaching our overall team goals, we hope to reach new heights with this year’s car!

At one of our office rooms, Kairo, Embedded Electronics has worked day and night on finalizing the first revision of their PCB designs. This month, the designs were sent to production at one of our long-term sponsors, Inission.

In our other office room, the mechanical office, the Mechanical department has undergone three rounds of CAD checks. During these sessions, they review the CAD model of the car in great detail in order to find issues as early as possible, such that they can fix them and stay on track with the project plan.

We are happy to announce our drivers for the season: Endre Stedje, Lasse Sætre, Eivind Due-Tønnessen and Mathias Presthagen. They will undergo a 9-month-long process of coaching and physical training to evolve and become the best versions of themselves, before giving it their all at the competitions in Europe this summer. Along with his current position in Ergonomics, Lasse Sætre will be the Driver’s Coach. He was appointed this additional position due to his many years of experience as both a driver and coach in go-kart.

The Marketing group has actively monitored the possibility of northern lights, in hopes of getting a shot of our 2022 car outside. In late November, the KP index reached a value of 5, meaning the possibility was high. At 9 pm, we went to Ladekaia by the fjord and set up the car. Just as predicted, the northern lights showed up and danced beautifully across the clear sky, accompanied by the twinkling stars.

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