January Workshop

We have just finished our January workshop! This is a two-week period where the groups get a head start on the production phase of our car. 

During this period, the Mechanical department focuses on the preparations for production. They also had a visit from our sponsor, Nammo, who held a machine drawing course. The department is carefully double-checking machine drawings to make sure each part will fit perfectly.

In the Electrical department, Embedded Electronics is testing their first version of the circuit boards, verifying connections to guarantee their accuracy and overall functionality; and Power Systems is in the final stages of refining their designs for optimal performance.

The Software Department is focusing on several different projects. One of them is Aerolyze, our in-house developed solution providing the Aerodynamics group with tools to help them analyse simulations of the car, such that we can improve our designs. They are also further developing one of our other in-house developed solutions, GOLOG. This is a comprehensive logging application, used during the test season of our car, for creating journals and delegating tasks.

For Marketing, they are mainly working on the logistics and promotions of our career fair, RevolveDay, which will take place on the 13th of February. Additionally, they are promoting the team admission period for positions in the Board, group leader positions, and key positions.

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