Get to Know the Board of Team 2023

The challenges of tomorrow will be greater than ever before, and that is where the Revolve NTNU Board comes in. The Board's primary task is to enable the rest of the team members to do their work efficiently, and to perform at the highest level. Formula Student is a competitive event, and it takes a great deal of effort to consistently achieve high levels of performance. This includes planning and organizing the resources of the team, and monitoring the constant progress that is needed to build a race car.

The Board of this year is made up of seven members, with responsibilities that cover everything from the technical aspects of the project to marketing, finance, and organization. With this diversity of roles, the board is able to bring a broad specter of skills and perspectives to the table. This makes the team more effective and efficient.

One of the key tasks of the Board is to ensure that they have a good understanding of the overall project and to take an active role in shaping Norway's most innovative and exciting technological project. My name is Ingerid and I am the project manager for Revolve NTNU. For me, the best part of this position is to take part in an ever-evolving project like Revolve NTNU and help shape what the future of the organization will look like. Learning to take tasks head-on is probably one of the most challenging but also the most fun parts of being in the board.

Being a part of the Revolve NTNU Board means developing leadership skills, gaining a general understanding of technical knowledge, and learning how to solve problems. The board members also have the opportunity to be involved in creating a team from start to finish, and to be a part of the team development process.

The everyday life of a Board member is constantly changing, and there is always a new task to start with. No two days are the same, and it takes a lot of resilience and flexibility to be able to handle the challenges that arise. However, it is this variety and unpredictability that makes being a part of the board such a challenging and rewarding experience. As a member of the Revolve NTNU Board, you will be at the forefront of developing and implementing sustainable mobility solutions and be a part of shaping the future.

Being a part of the Revolve NTNU Board is a unique and valuable experience that can provide numerous benefits to those who are involved. The opportunity to work on a cutting-edge technology project, such as a Formula Student race car, gives board members hands-on experience with advanced engineering and design principles. This experience can be highly beneficial for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry, engineering, or any other related field.

In addition to the technical skills and knowledge that can be gained from being a part of the Board, members also have the opportunity to develop a wide range of other skills. For example, taking on a leadership role in the organization requires members to learn how to effectively manage a team and make strategic decisions. Additionally, being responsible for the finances and budget of the organization can give members a deep understanding of how to manage money and resources.

Working with a team of students and staff members who share a common goal also allows for building a sense of community and teamwork. Members learn about managing different opinions, backgrounds, and skill sets, being able to appreciate diversity, and working collaboratively.

In conclusion, being a part of the Revolve NTNU Board can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Members have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technological projects, develop a wide range of skills, and learn about sustainability and environmental issues. Furthermore, working with a team of motivated and passionate students and staff to build a high-performing Formula Student team, is an experience that can open doors for future career opportunities and personal growth.

I am very excited about going into the production phase, a challenging but also highly rewarding time. Seeing how well the designs and work that the members have done, when assembled into one car, will be an amazing experience. And so will seeing the car drive for the first time! That will really be a priceless moment after all the hard work and hours put into the project.

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