Get to Know Our Marketing Department

Revolve NTNU is a student organization that is thoroughly reliant on its market to survive. Without sponsors’ funding, we have no capital. Without their means of production, we have no car. Without students applying for us every year, there is no team to begin with. The Marketing department is chiefly responsible for generating interest in Revolve NTNU’s brand, and maintaining it. Revolve NTNU’s three primary markets are students, the industry and our competitors.

The pieces that make up Revolve NTNU’s public corpus can in turn be divided into a few rough-hewn parts: social media, branding and our public events. “Rough-hewn,” because Revolve NTNU would never function if not as a team. Your position in the organization will endow a field of responsibility, but it’s in the liaison between members where our team emerges as one of the best competitors in Formula Student.  

Social media shoulders Revolve NTNU’s image for the majority of our year. No matter our activity level, most of our hours are spent at our offices and workshop. In our physical absence from the public, social media is where our presence is steadily maintained. Between flashing fierce cars from various stylish angles, our feed is kept updated throughout the numerous phases of our project, and anyone interested can easily hop on their phone and find insight into Revolve NTNU’s current undertakings. We host our events, and in advance announce our determined exoduses to campus for in-person communication. Social media also plays a crucial role in our services to sponsors in return for their contributions. As a student organization, publicity towards Trondheim’s flourishing academia is one of the primary benefits we offer our benefactors.

Our 2022 car, AURORA, in front of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim.

You’d be surprised how much information you can cram into a simple poster the size of a cutting board. Our Graphic Designer is responsible for sustaining a consistent visual identity for our team, that our work can be easily recognized and remembered. In the critical Admission phase, posters of Revolve NTNU’s open positions dominate campus walls, and flyers are passed to our stand visitors with information regarding our four departments consisting of ten groups. The Admission process entails a great deal of particulars passing to a vast number of people with varying degrees of insight into Revolve NTNU’s métier, and a consistent and pleasing design ensures our communicatees’ impression of a serious and structured organization.

Revolve NTNU was made by students for students, and is therefore reliant on a steady campus presence. As efficient as social media’s communication platform has become, it’s yet to surpass simple eye contact and the dynamism of conversation. Throughout our year in Revolve NTNU, we dedicate time away from our project to visit campus in unison. An established tradition within our organization is our annual “F1 in F1” event, where we book the F1 lecture hall at Gløshaugen to stream Formula 1’s season finale with open doors. A typically popular event, the lecture hall’s size comes well into service as it can hold a few hundred people. Such an event is fun, thematically appropriate and a worthwhile way for our team to relax while maintaining Revolve NTNU’s presence in one of its most important markets.

Attendance during our "F1 in F1" event in 2022.

In terms of logistical pressure and sheer attendance, none of our events remotely approach our own career fair, serviceably named RevolveDay. This is an exclusive opportunity for our larger sponsors to visit NTNU’s campus, booked to make room for stands, activities, competitions, presentations and interviews. A full-day affair, attendance has typically numbered more than 25 companies and well over a thousand students. This is our most important return to our sponsors for their contributions to our project. A few months later, our annual Unveiling is held. A formal event, our department leaders and select sponsors deliver speeches in celebration of our project year’s achievements. Towards the end of the ceremony, our brand-new car is revealed. Following a few more speeches, what comes next typically entails full glasses and dance, as a final spree in preparation for testing season and exams. While the Marketing department occupies the director’s chair for these events, RevolveDay and the Unveiling remain team efforts, and cooperation is essential for a rewarding experience.

Snap from the RevolveDay in 2019.

Our social media, branding and events entail a great deal of personalization and nuance as a result of being governed by a group of individuals, but it’s important to remember their collective purpose. Revolve NTNU is a serious, fiercely competitive organization that seeks to solidify itself as one of the world’s premier Formula Student teams, and the Marketing department ensures its reputation remains as such.

The Marketing department is comparatively small next to the other three, which all consist of at least two groups. As Head of Marketing, your leadership skills are therefore chiefly operative over administrative. Along with your organizational obligations of attending meetings and writing referendums, you will work closely with each of your department members to ensure a united effort in furthering Revolve NTNU’s public profile. Your vision is paramount, and can only become reality through clear communication and office presence. Your social skills will inhabit the driver’s seat as you lay direction, sow inspiration and solve conflict within your tightly knit department. An organization is only as functional as everyone believes it to be. That responsibility falls on you.  

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