Creating a winning car with Inission Løkken

Our journey with Inission Løkken, a vital sponsor for over a decade, is a testament to our shared commitment. The opportunity for our Embedded Electronics group to visit their offices at Løkken Verk twice a year, and work with their advanced equipment, is a confidence booster. At their impressive facilities our group gets the opportunity to produce the printed circuit boards we designed. This hands-on experience, coupled with their expertise, enables us to turn theory into practice and create a winning formula race car.

Inission Løkken offers high-quality end-to-end services in electronics manufacturing and is a key player in our journey. They provide everything from design and development to thorough stress testing and final delivery to the end client. Their expertise is precious to us as we work on building a high-performance formula race car, benefiting from their experience in producing technology for extreme environments like space and deep waters.

We’re grateful for their continued support and look forward to many exciting years with them by our side.

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Creating a winning car with Inission Løkken