ARWo 2024

Last week, members of two of our software groups: the Autonomous Systems and Control Systems group, attended the Autonomous Racing Workshop (ARWo) in Hamburg. ARWo is an annual autonomous racing workshop, hosted by our friends in the Formula Student team e-gnition Hamburg. The aim of the workshop is to bring Formula Student Driverless teams together for an informal exchange and networking. This year, over 40 Formula Student teams came together for the workshop to share their knowledge and expertise, and to learn from each other.

The workshop includes a series of presentations and discussions on the design, construction, and control of autonomous racing vehicles. Teams are expected to contribute to the discussions and presentations, sharing their experiences and insights with other teams. These contributions cover topics on all things Formula Student Driverless - from talks on autonomous safety and alternative approaches to path planning to implementation of automatic testing of both high-level and low-level software. Additionally, all teams are expected to prepare a poster of their overall driverless concept, to be used during a poster session on the first day of the conference. This year we held discussions on the different approaches to onboarding new members to work with software for autonomous driving, and the challenges and values gained since merging the manual and driverless class in 2022.

As with the previous years we have attended ARWo, we gained valuable insights into our driverless concepts and other ways to create a driverless racing vehicle after completing the workshop. We not only found inspiration for new concepts but also made many new friends and reconnected with some old ones. We extend a big thanks to the ARWo organizational team in e-gnition for hosting this workshop and for their assistance throughout, and to the other teams for delivering interesting presentations. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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