Each year, Revolve NTNU gets bigger and better. One of the reasons we grow each year is because of our sponsors. Let’s not forget that they are a part of our team, as well as the students who build the car.  Without our sponsors, we would not have had the opportunity to produce high-quality parts for the different systems on our car. We have several different types of sponsors, ranging from everything from software to mechanical parts to autonomous systems. We are so grateful for all of the help we get from them. They are always there if we need help exploring new concepts or improve our designs. We can always count on them to help us if we are in need. To all of our sponsors, thank you for being a part of Revolve NTNU Team 2019!

Our Main Sponsors

Kongsberg Gruppen

Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG) is an international technology corporation that delivers advanced and reliable solutions that improve safety, security and performance in complex operations and during extreme conditions. KONGSBERG works with demanding customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas and aerospace industries.

KONGSBERG has been Revolve’s main sponsor since 2014. As a part of our cooperation with KONGSBERG, Revolve NTNU is granted access to one of Norway’s most high-tech workshops, giving us the opportunity to produce our own monocoque and other carbon fiber parts. Revolve NTNU gathers students from different fields of study working together towards the same goal, much like KONGSBERG. The collaboration extends beyond production and resources, Revolve NTNU and Kongsberg share important values. As a result, the cooperation with KONGSBERG gives a whole new meaning to our vision – From Theory to Practice.

Bertel O. Steen

Car and property group Bertel O. Steen AS with subsidiaries is one of Norway’s largest service and trading companies. The group imports Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Smart, Fuso and Setra car brands to Norway and is a major actor in the field of automotive, engineering, workshop operations and real estate.

Bertel O. Steen have a long lasting and proud tradition in Norway, letting innovation, development and curiosity play a central role in renewing and advancing the company further. The Bertel O. Steen group became acquainted with Revolve NTNU in the spring of 2017, and our cooperation will continue for the years to come. The partnership gives Revolve NTNU the necessary resources to realize our projects. As one of our main sponsors, Bertel O. Steen are pushing Revolve NTNU to reach even further, always driving the project to new heights.

Platinum Sponsors


As one of the worlds largest distributors of electronic components, Arrow supplies their customers with a wide arrange of electronic components, and business-critical IT solutions. In addition to that, the company has a skillled a team of engineers, which have helped us hand-pick the sensors we use to ensure a steady, and secure access to the critical information of our vehicle. Arrow has supplied us with sensors, connectors, battery-monitoring chips and fire-proof suits for our drivers.

Radionor Communications

In racing, data is everything. For testing, racing and eveuntally winning, having full control of what goes on at every moment is crucial. Revolve NTNU uses a telemetry system based around the products of Radionor Communications. Their Cordis Radio Eye phased array radios provides us with range, capacity and reliability neeeded for an aspiring racing team. Using this system, Revolve NTNU have the connection needed when we need it.

Hafslund Nett

With around 720.000 customers in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, Hafslund Nett is Norway’s largest grid company and the fifth-largest in the Nordic region. Hafslund owns one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art operations centres that manages, monitors and optimises the operation of Hafslund’s power grid and the company’s power and district heating plants. They have been one of Norway’s most reasonably priced grid owners for many years, as well as having a high security of supply. For Revolve NTNU, they provide an important fundation for us to be able to complete our project.


Simpro has been working with the entire process of electronics production since 1990. They provide services from PCB production and board assembly to automated testing and documentation. They use their expertise in wireless, Atex and subsea to please large international and industrial customers. Among their core values you will find “reliable” and “flexible”.In our work with Simpro they have always adhered to these values, being able to help us with challenging tasks on short notice. This year Simpro will be helping us with the production of all our electrical systems by supplying us with circuit boards, production facilities and the technical know-how required for us to make the best race car possible. We are very happy and thankful that Simpro will be one of our sponsors again for the sixth year running.

Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS

Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS is a manufacturing company, with in-house production capabilities for prototyping, casting, machining, assembly and testing. The company’s key strategy is aiming to support the customers with production know-how – providing engineering services with a real design-for-production approach.

The company is well equipped for engineering turn-key solutions; as a stand-alone service or in joint cooperation with the customer. Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS manufactures a wide variety of mechanical precision components for the marine industry, the offshore- and subsea market, as well as other demanding industries.

Mjøs is this year, as last, machining the high complexity rim centers for Revolve NTNU, and is this year also supporting the driverless project with machined parts.

Trondheim Stål

Trondheim Stål is a steel contractor from our home city, and has been with us since the very beginning. They have just over 50 employees, including engineers and operators. Their laser cutter, water jet cutter and skilled maneuvering of the machines are of great value to us as they cut both metals and CFRP components for our race cars. They are one of very few that manage to high-precision cut thick CFRP panels without delaminating the layers. Also worth noting is that they are one of only five Hardox Wearpart centers in Norway, meaning their products have a steady and high quality.


SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, they are the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. They help you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use real-time data to predict customer trends across your entire business. SAP is committed to helping every customer become a best-run business. Together, with their customers and partners, they can transform industries, grow economies, lift up societies, and sustain our environment.

This way they can help us at Revolve NTNU analyse the data throughout the lifecycle of the race cars from design to competition, and provide comparative analysis capabilities that are crucial for future car designs.


SKF is a leading global technology provider, with 140 sites in 32 countries all around the globe! With over 110 years of experience in over 40 industries, SKF is a trusted supplier in many application, ranging from mass production to high performance.
Through a continuous search for new and better technologies, SKF provides marked leading products across its technology platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services, and lubrication systems. SKF has been a loyal partner of Revolve NTNU from the very beginning. SKF provides outstanding solutions for the over 100 bearings needed on the car. In addition, they provide technical support and expertise in bearing simulation and life-time estimation.

Gold Sponsors

Induform AS

Induform AS is a modern and well-equipped manufacturing company located in Levanger. With focus on quality and on-time deliveries, they produce high-precision components to the oil and gas industry. By constantly upgrading the machine park, and having a steadily dialogue with tool suppliers they are able to work with even the most difficult materials. Induform also operate a highly sophisticated injection molding machine to produce plastic tools. With more than 40 years of experience in mechanical industry, the company may offer professional help in development, prototyping, testing and presentation material for new products.
We highly appreciate having Induform’s enthusiasm by our side for six years in a row. For the 2018 car they have produced all of the suspension brackets, brackets for the uprights, in addition to high-precision components to the pedal box.

Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes S.A. is the world’s leading 3D Design & Engineering software developing and marketing company. Their software supports processes throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept to maintenance, and is widely used in a variety of industries, e.g. Aerospace & Defense, Transportation & Mobility, and Architecture, Engineering & Construction. Dassault Systèmes S.A. has provided us with Abaqus, for Finite Element Analysis simulations, Tosca Structure, for topology optimizations, CATIA, for product designs, SIMPACK, for multi-body simulations, and 3DEXPERIENCE, a collaborative business experience platform. By this, they are enabling us to create and work with advanced designs, increasing the performance of our cars.

Danske Bank

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. For more than 145 years, they have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realise their ambitions. Today, they serve personal, business and institutional customers and in addition to banking services, they offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services.

They aim to create long-term value for all our stakeholders – our customers, shareholders and the societies they are part of – and their vision is to be recognised as the most trusted financial partner.


COWI is a leading consulting group that creates value for customers, people and society through their unique 360° approach. Based on their world-class competencies within engineering, economics and environmental science, they tackle challenges from many vantage points to create coherent solutions for our customer. International consulting group, specialising in engineering, environmental science and economics, based in Lyngby, Denmark. It has been involved in more than 50,000 projects in 175 countries and has approximately 6,400 employees, including engineers, biologists, geologists, economists, surveyors, anthropologists, sociologists and architects.

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE) has more than 65 percent of the Norwegian university education and research within our disciplines.

We have great influence on and responsibility for new information-based industrial developments and development within other areas of society which apply information and communication technology. Both our research and education are at a high international level.


NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches. The company’s business is structured to address its key markets; Oceans, targeting the global maritime markets, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), offering connectivity solutions for truck applications, and Product Innovation and Realization (PIR), with in-house multidisciplinary R&D and manufacturing.

NORBIT continuously designs, develops and manufactures high technology products, systems and solutions to meet its customers´ changing needs. With the spirit of explorers, NORBIT’s engineers pioneers groundbreaking solutions within monitoring, instrumentation, telemetry and communication.

NORBIT is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, with manufacturing facilities in Selbu and Røros, Norway and 12 offices and subsidiaries around the world. The company was listed at the Oslo Børs in June 2019.

Trondrud Engineering

Tronrud Engineering is at the forefront of innovation in manufacturing. Over the past 40 years, they have developed, produced and delivered customized industrial products and technical solutions for their customers – bringing them a competitive advantage and profitability. The company has around 118 employees at tis premises in Eggemoen, plus 38 in its two subsidiaries – one in Singapore and one in Moss, south of Oslo. Tronrud Engineering has been a long-standing partner of Revolve NTNU, providing mainly 3D-printing solutions.

PLM Technology

PLM Technology AS started up in January 2005 as an IBM Business Partner with the goal of selling Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions.
In 2007 Dassault Systèmes gradually took over the Value Added resellers from IBM and PLM Technology AS became the first Dassault Systèmes Value Added PLM Reseller in the Nordics. Today are they still a small company, but with some highly skilled consultants and a network of partners and freelance consultants.
We are grateful for their support and the expertise they bring to the table, they have held multiple courses for our team, improving the knowledge among our members in Abaqus and 3DX.


Semcon is a leading product development partner with more than 2000 employees over 3 continents. Semcon combine technology, usability, and design in new ways- from creative concepts to production systems and digital information solutions. Always with an end-user focus, because the user experience is the true evidence of quality. The company has established itself in many industries such as automotive, energy, telecommunication and life science industries. The office in Norway is located in Kongsberg with its own workshop, where they deliver complete systems within: concept, design, development, advanced simulations, test and industrialization. Semcon provides industries with cutting edge solutions and is now also helping Revolve NTNU.


Kristiansand Skruefabrikk og Mek. Verksted AS (KSMV) is a modern and well-equipped mechanical subcontractor with 65 highly skilled workers. They can offer production, testing, assembly and surface treatment and are always working to adapt to their customers. KSMV is this year celebrating their 100 year anniversary of gradual development with focus on quality, service and on-time deliveries. KSMV works with steel, titanium and non-metallic materials as plastic, composites and graphite. In 2019 KSMV are machining complex quality parts in aluminum for the suspension, drivetrain and rear wing for Revolve NTNU.

K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS

K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS specializes in mass- and prototype production of high precision mechanical components. Established in 1957 just north of Bergen, they started out supplying the local furniture industry with metal components, but are now supplying clients a wide array of industries with precision made components. They are solving problems for their clients and making ideas become a reality. With this attitude they are a perfect match and partner for Revolve NTNU. They are machining our planetary gear boxes to be used in the 2019 season.

Molstad Modell & Form AS

Molstad modell & form is a company in the PartnerPlast Group, focusing on production of moulds for rotational moulding and thermosetting plastics, and making of moulds and foundry patterns for metal casting. They are also a dedicated producer of high performance polyurethane elastomer parts. Molstad modell & form has been a loyal partner to Revolve NTNU in several seasons, and milled many high quality moulds for us. We are looking forward to having them as a sponsor in the 2019 season!


Sensonor designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade gyro sensors, gyro modules and IMUs for demanding applications. The roots of Sensonor and its technology go back to 1965. In 1985 the Company started operating as an independent entity under the name Sensonor, until it was acquired by Infineon Technologies in 2003. In 2009 the company split from Infineon in a MBO supported by local investors to continue its focus on MEMS based sensors, however aiming at applications and markets requiring high precision sensors with a special focus on inertial (Gyro and IMU).

Being in the forefront of advanced technology requires the most efficient research, development and manufacturing arrangements. Sensonor operates its own 150 mm wafer fab for advanced heterogeneous MEMS processes and several fully equipped assembly and test lines. Additionally to our own staff Sensonor develop solutions in cooperation with partners that are global leaders in their respective areas.

Sintef Energi

Established by the university in 1950, SINTEF has since developed into one of Europe’s largest independent research organisation. Carrying out several thousands of projects every year, few companies better understand the way we work to innovate the industry. Since 2015 SINTEF Energy Research has aided us in the development of our voltage-source inverter with everything from the early design phases to testing and validation. The importance of having an efficient powertrain purpose-built for our application can not be overstated, and we are therefore thrilled that Sintef are supporting us as a major contributor to our power electronic development projects.

Skriverform AS

Skriverform AS is a tool manufacturing company located in the town of Tretten located in Gudbrandsdalen. They perform product designs, tool designs and 3D programming on system UG. Since their establishment in 1964, they have specialized in conventional molding tools and multi-components molding tools. For the 2019 season, they are helping us with the advanced post machining of the 3D additive manufactured uprights.

Ouster, Inc.

Ouster, Inc. develops sensors and software products for robotics and computer vision applications. The company offers products for drones and autonomous vehicles. Ouster is a leading provider of LIDAR and related robotics technology dedicated to bringing 3D sensing to the masses. They sell the OS-1 LIDAR which is the most capable, powerful, and affordable sensor on the market. Focus on combining advanced technologies with practical, scalable engineering, and pride on shipping products, not promises.

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