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As a board member of Revolve NTNU, one will also be a part of the daily management. One will lead and further develop an organization of over 60 students in the process of creating two Formula Student race cars, one electric and one autonomous, that will compete against the best engineering students worldwide. A year in Revolve NTNU gives a unique and multidisciplinary experience that prepares you for the working life. It is expected that all the board members use one week of their summer this year to participate in one of the competitions in Europe. It’s also very positive if one can contribute to the current team during the summer. Both the competition and the presence and work during the summer will give insight into what Revolve NTNU is about and what we work towards.

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Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the executive progression of the team, and will coordinate the activities between the different departments; technical, marketing and economy. The Project Manager is the chairman of the board and the CEO of Revolve NTNU, and will be involved in a variety of areas in the project. In addition, one will be responsible for the development of the organization and be involved in agreements and communication with the biggest collaborators, where our main sponsors are Kongsberg Gruppen and Bertel O. Steen. As the Project Manager, one will get the opportunity to test management techniques in real life, learn how to motivate in a voluntary organization, how to plan and carry through a multidisciplinary engineering project from start to finish, as well as how to create a rewarding year for the members. This experience is unique for someone who has not even finished his or her studies. We are looking for an engaged, curious and willing person who is interested in acquiring team building experience and knowledge regarding technical and practical engineering.

If you have any questions about the position, send them to this year’s Project Manager, Karoline Halvorsen, at   

Deputy Project Manager

As the Deputy Project Manager you will collaborate a lot with the Project Manager, and the majority of your tasks will be defined with the Project Manager. You will be responsible for team building and recruitment, as well as HSE-routines and personnel. The position gives the opportunity to engage yourself in parts of the project that you find the most interesting. You will be involved with the whole organization, both the electrical vehicle and the driverless vehicle, and will be responsible for the Driverless team during competitions. In addition, you will be responsible for the driver group.

If you have any questions about the position, send them to this year’s Deputy Project Manager, Helge Bergo, at 

Technical Chiefs

As a chief technical engineer, you are responsible for the technical areas of the project. One of the first real tasks will be to evaluate last year’s project with a focus on the technical solutions that were employed and the car’s performance. You will have to communicate with former leaders and group members so you together can decide on the focus areas for the next year to make sure Revolve NTNU can be even better and faster at the competitions next year. As a chief technical engineer, you get a broad understanding of the development of, and the interaction between, complex technical systems. You are also going to get a good understanding of all the adjoining disciplines, which gives a strong interdisciplinary competence. You will also learn a lot about the whole design process, leadership and methodology that is required in a large scale engineering project.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the development and follow-up of Revolve NTNU’s marketing plan, both towards the business world and the students at NTNU. The Marketing Manager is also the group leader of the marketing group. The marketing group is responsible for sponsorships, cooperation agreements and follow-up, marketing and public relations, including website and profiling on social media. The group plans and carries out our annual career day, Revolve Day, and the official unveiling of the race cars. At the competitions, the marketing group is responsible for the Business Plan Presentation. What makes the marketing group an exciting group to be a part of is that it has great creative potential. Only the imagination sets the limits. A Marketing Manager should be structured and have good communication skills, as Revolve NTNU has established close cooperation with the business community that requires good follow-up. Moreover, the Marketing Manager should equally use his or her creative mind.

If you have questions about the position, send them to this year’s Marketing Manager, Erik Brettingen Johansen, at 

Financial Manager

The Financial Manager will have overview and control of the organization’s economy. You will be responsible for bookkeeping, reporting of our economic activity and securing that laws and rules are being followed when buying parts and materials. As Financial Manager, you will be working closely with the group leaders, from both vehicles, to develop and monitor the project’s budget. The position also gives great freedom to engage in other aspects of the organization. The position requires a well organized person who’s not afraid to handle challenging and new tasks.  You will be taught how to keep the accounts if necessary.

In Revolve NTNU, we are lucky to be using Xledger, an advanced accounting program developed in Norway. You will get the all the necessary training from the previous financial manager, as well as professional help from our partners. This is a golden opportunity to learn a market leading system that few others get the opportunity to know during their studies.

If you have any questions about the position, send them to this year’s Financial Manager, Helge Bergo, at 


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