Establishing solid relations with industry is essential in order to make the project feasible. To make the project possible, Revolve NTNU is dependent on financial and product support, production and advising services and use of facilities.

Why Revolve NTNU?

Revolve NTNU develops engineers with experience from a complex development project, making them prepared for what businesses will demand when they start their career. When cooperating with Revolve NTNU businesses are able to get in contact and interact with the most hard working students at NTNU. We have close interactions and cooperation with many of our sponsors, in many areas we work close with industry to push the limits of existing technology or develop new solutions to problems.

Revolve NTNU works active towards media in order to promote the project and engineering studies. In addition to articles published in national news papers and magazines, many people, especially from NTNU, follow the project on the webpage and in social media. Revolve NTNU also attends a wide variety of events and fairs to promote the organization and our sponsors.

"Revolve NTNU consists of dedicated technology enthusiasts who work together to achieve ambitious goals. These are values Kongsberg Group relate to. To us it is important that the project provides mutual learning and development of skills and we look forward to the collaboration."
Ingeborg Sivertsen
HR Director at Kongsberg Group

In addition to external events the team organizes two yearly events. This includes the RevolveDagen, a career fair where students can meet sponsors and Revolve NTNU to find out what problems that will actually occupy their time when they start to work. The fair focuses on the possibilities engineering students have at the end of their studies. In addition to the Revolve Day, the unveiling of the car is a important event for the team. Every year over 500 students attend the unveiling which includes presentations and speeches from the team and prominent guests. Revolve NTNU is a strong organization at NTNU with many dedicated members and interested followers. We offer good promotional opportunities at NTNU in addition to direct contact with rounded capable engineers.

Be a supporter

Revolve NTNU is a unique project at the university and is an exceptional show case of what engineering is about. We always thrive to promote natural science and engineering studies by showing how theoretical knowledge can be applied to develop a complex and exciting product. We are always looking for new partners and are flexible of what we can do. Be a supporter of the most complex student project in Norway!

Would you like to hear more?

Please get In touch, we would love to hear from you! Reach us on caroline.tran@revolve.no, or call +47 922 03 044

Some of our services

Company presentations

The chance to reach out to Norway’s most dedicated engineering students. Revolve NTNU have students from multiple faculties and are all accomplished in their own way. By holding a presentation about your company for this year’s team (or earlier teams) you are sure to reach competent engineering students.

VIP-day with Revolve NTNU

VIP-day in Trondheim is a special day we offer our biggest helpers. Here we invite you to see the everyday life of our members. We hold lectures and give your company a private tour of our workshops. In the workshop we show you what we are working on at that point and parts we have made.

Stand at the RevolveDagen

RevolveDagen is a day in the end of February where we want students to get to know our partners. We invite sponsors to have stands at Gløshaugen and we offer holding workshops and interviews. We also invite speakers to hold talks and hold competitions for students. Later in the evening we hold a unformal gathering between our sponsors and the current team. RevolveDagen is an excellent way of showing your company to over 7000 technology students and get to know Revolve NTNU.


Revolve holds a lecture and brings their race car. We have got good feedback on our presentations and got «most popular» lecture during the «Fremtidens bilbransje» event.

Engagement with our followers

Revolve NTNU can reach a large
audience both nationally and internationally.

Newsletter & Magazine
I Revolve NTNU jobber 64 studenter på høygir for å bli klare til sommerens store race!
Jobber 40 timer i uken ved siden av studiene: – Når ellers i livet får man bygge en racerbil?
Excellent presentation with a message that inspires and motivates. Revolve NTNU is both reliable and professional