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Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for the overall progress of the organization, and coordinates the activities between the 10 groups, from technical to marketing and finance.

Key Account Manager (KAM)

Revolve NTNU is seeking a motivated and dynamic Key Account Manager (KAM) to join our team. The KAM will play a crucial role in securing funding for our projects by reaching out to potential sponsors, managing existing deals, and applying for grants. In addition to securing funding, the KAM will also contribute to marketing efforts, including event planning, social media management, Business Plan Presentation preparation, stand management, and financial oversight. This is a unique opportunity for individuals looking to gain valuable experience and build a professional network in a dynamic and exciting environment. If you are driven, results-oriented, and have a passion for marketing and business development, we encourage you to apply.

Deputy Project Manager

As the deputy project manager and hr responsible, you will be responsible for team development and recruitment, arranging social activities for the team, and assisting the project manager.

Photo- & Videographer

Photo video

Head of Marketing

As head of marketing, you are responsible for the development and follow-up of Revolve NTNU's marketing plan, both towards the business community and within NTNU. In addition to being a board member, you will also be the group leader for the marketing group.

Vehicle Dynamics

To have the quickest race car at competition means having the best understanding of how the tyres interact with the tarmac. As a vehicle dynamics engineer focusing on suspension and kinematics, you'll play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of our race cars on the track. You will be responsible for developing, testing and fine-tuning the suspension systems and kinematic characteristics of our vehicles to give our drivers the ultimate edge in handling and performance. You will use programs such as OptimumK, Matlab and Solidworks to find the best setup, and determine next year's kinematics. Since Revolve NTNU are doing major changes to next year's race car, we are looking for someone that wants to learn vehicle dynamics from now and during the summer, so that we have a new setup for R24 when the autumn semester begin. If you could handle a challenge and gain theory scares in Norway, apply for Vehicle dynamics!

Head of Production

As the head of production, you are responsible for the realization of all the mechanical systems on the new electric race car. This consists of everything from an advanced aerodynamic package made out of carbon fiber composites to motors & gears.

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance in Revolve NTNU, you are responsible for the finances of the entire organization, as well as the invoicing companies, and contact with our auditor.

Chassis CAD

The monocoque is the race car's self carrying structure, and is made out of carbon fiber and core material. The past couple of years has seen changes to the monocoque to enable integration of autonomous systems, without compromising the drivers confidence. The coming year new and big changes are happening to systems housed inside the monocoque, and an entirely new monocoque needs to be designed. THe monocoque is the bridge between every system, and as responsible for 3D-modeling the new monocoque, you will gain good insight to the entire race car. You will learn surface CAD in Solidworks, carbon fiber theory as well as relevant vehicle dynamics theory for race car engineering. The new monocoque design needs to be finished for the main admission in august, which makes it necessary to fill this position now. The design process will begin right away and continue on throughout the summer.

Powered Ground Effect Engineer

Revolve are always pursuing a greater race car and new challenges. One of the key areas to increase performance are the aerodynamics. The concept Revolve NTNU want to develop for the R24 race car are power ground effect, using fans to generate more downforce when driving below the optimum velocity. This was investigated by previous Revolve NTNU teams, but never fully developed. The coming year we want to have a functioning power ground effect system on the vehicle, and to do so two positions are open (see specific responsibilities below). If admitted into the team, you will start work before the summer and continue throughout the summer as well. This is to have a concept ready in August, and a system ready for production in early January. If you think aerodynamics are interesting and want to find unknown potential for the next race car, apply for PGE engineer.

Chief Software Engineer

Chief software Engineer is responsible for all software development that takes place in Revolve NTNU. Being the chief software engineer of Revolve NTNU will provide an opportunity to learn more about software, databases, and autonomous systems.

Aero Designer

To properly integrate the fans and at the same time not compromise having a functioning aero package in case of failure, this is a delicate balance to ensure function with two philosophies integrated together.

Chief Electrical Engineer

As the chief electrical engineer of Revolve NTNU, you will be responsible for all the electronics in the car. You will be a part of developing bleeding-edge technology, including Revolve NTNU’s self-designed battery pack, custom PCBs and embedded software.

Aero Simulation & Validation

The aero package goes through a CFD simulation in STAR-CCM+ and Revolve has developed a script and method for meshing. This gives results that is tested during the testing season. To build upon these results and improve the simulation, this position is key. To also know that the theoretical performance of the fan placement needs to be properly simulated and a method for simulation it needs to be developed.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

As the chief mechanical engineer of Revolve NTNU, you will be responsible for all the mechanical parts in the car. As a result, you will acquire multidisciplinary knowledge through working with vehicle dynamics, structural analysis, carbon fiber, and CFD analysis.

Drivetrain Development Structural

Revolve NTNU are always pursuing a greater race car and new challenges. One of the key areas to increase performance are the drivetrain. For the R24 race car Revolve are seeking a new member that wants to work with optimizing and developing an entirely new design for the exciting inwheel concept utilized for three years. The parts you will get to know are the gearbox, motor, hub and upright. You will gain knowledge in programs such as Solidworks, Abaqus and Matlab with more. We want to have a concept ready for next year, and by being admitted into this position means you will work with another member to make a concept over summer, and finalize during the autumn semester.

PGE Controller

A new aspect to formula student race cars that have shown up in the last couple of years, is the use of active/powered ground effect. This basically consists of mounting fans to the car, in order to suck air from underneath the vehicle, basically like a big vacuum cleaner. This will in turn give us better downforce at lower speeds, making cornering at higher speeds possible! Revolve NTNU is looking for someone to help make this concept a reality. The system will require the development of a brand new fan controller PCB. This PCB should be able to control the speed and power of the fans. For this, we need a person who’s interested in PCB design and embedded software development.

Low Voltage Battery

A new aspect to Formula Student race cars that have shown up in the last couple of years, is the use of active/powered ground effect. This basically consists of mounting fans to the car, in order to suck air from underneath the vehicle, basically like a big vacuum cleaner. This will in turn give us better downforce at lower speeds, making cornering at higher speeds possible! For this, Revolve NTNU is looking for someone to develop a new Low Voltage battery to power said fans. The person we are looking for is one who has some experience in CAD and an understanding of batteries.

Battery R&D

Since Revolve NTNU started making Electric cars, we have made our own battery packs. Last year's battery pack consisted of 288 cells the size of a cell phone, giving us 600V and 7.3 Kwh of power. For 5 years now, Revolve NTNU have been using the same types of battery cells to great success. However, with the development of new battery technologies, the time has come for us to look further into batteries. This year, we are looking for someone who can find new types of cells that hopefully can be used for many years to come. The position will mostly consist of testing and planning for new and improved battery cells. The person should have some understanding of batteries, and be good at documenting as this is a Research and Development position.

Theory in Practice

Revolve NTNU is a student organization that elevates world-class engineering, teamwork and an environment where theory can be applied in practice. We participate in the worlds biggest engineering competition, Formula Student, with over 114 universities from 38 countries. With just 8 months we create a race car capable to drive autonomously and with a driver. You will get an unique experience as a member in Revolve NTNU.

Being a part of the Revolve NTNU team has been one of the single most defining experiences of my life, both on a personal and a professional level. Working together with highly motivated teammates, building a high performance race car within strict deadlines and budgets, and countering real world challenges, quickly accelerates learning and understanding, complementing theory learned at NTNU. Revolve NTNU gave me the experience and knowledge required to land my dream job.

Steffen Johnsen
Kongsberg Automotive

Having worked my way up, I appreciate that to develop a good grounding in engineering, practical experience is essential. Formula Student combines hands-on practical applications with students’ academic studies, but also gives experience in vital skills such as budgeting, project management and team work. Whether the competitors go in to motorsport or a different sector of engineering, Formula Student will help towards their future success.

Ross Brawn

The Newest Project

The supercar

Earlier Revolve NTNU has developed two cars; one with a driver and one autonomous.
This year they are combined into one, capable of driving with and without a driver.