The project manager is responsible for the overall progress of the organization, and coordinates the activities between the 10 groups, from technical to marketing and finance.

February 28 at 23:59

About the position

We are seeking a highly motivated and effective Project Manager to join our team for the Revolve NTNU 23/24 project year. As Project Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating efforts across technical, marketing, and finance departments, and serve as both a leader and intermediate for the project. The role includes responsibilities for project development, as well as managing relationships and communication with key partners, such as Kongsberg Group and Bertel O. Steen. This is a unique opportunity for an individual to gain hands-on experience in project management, team building, and technical engineering. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, eager to learn and will have a strong interest in developing their skills in these areas. If you are looking to gain valuable experience in building a team from scratch and have not yet completed your studies, we encourage you to apply.

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Ingerid Knutsdatter Risvik

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Ingerid Knutsdatter Risvik
Project Manager