As Head of Finance in Revolve NTNU, you are responsible for the finances of the entire organization, as well as the invoicing companies, and contact with our auditor.

February 28 at 23:59

About the position

We are seeking a results-driven and proficient Head of Finance to join our team. As Head of Finance, you will be responsible for managing the finances of the organization, providing you with a rare opportunity to use economic theory in practice, as well as building knowledge in the areas of finance, accounting and budgeting. Your responsibilities include managing the organization's liquidity and expenses, keeping the business financially alive. Additionally, as Head of Finance, you will develop a good understanding of how a business distributes their income and costs, providing you with extensive knowledge of what the project involves and what is necessary to keep the organization running in a stable economic situation. This is a great opportunity for someone who has little interest in a technical role but an interest in the project. With this role, you will be part of leading an organization to success through securing continuous economic viability. If you are results-driven, proficient and have a strong interest in developing your skills in finance, accounting and budgeting, we encourage you to apply.

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Aurora Vinslid

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Aurora Vinslid
Deputy Project Manager